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  Welcome to my gallery - here you can find a lot of the drawings I have made - almost exclusively drawings of cute girls - ranging from really old drawings from several years back, to my most recent ones. Some of the artwork here is "adult" artwork, so be careful if you don`t wish to look at such material. I hope you will enjoy looking at my drawings, as, despite their shortcomings, I have put some effort into making them, and I`d love to hear what you think of them. Anyways, here they are. Newer artwork towards the top of the page. Use the menu below to choose between pages with older or newer artwork.  
Thanks to Krister Sundelin for letting me use his parchment-design.

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yohko09.jpg [93k] Original size: A4 *Nudity* Most recent update I14th April 04

Now, I may be really bad at spotting invitations (just ask my girlfriend), but this is an invitation not even I would be able to ignore. This is - as I think you've already realised - a drawing of Yohko (from the anime...

mei24.jpg [141k] Original size: A4 Most recent update I12th April 04

A drawing of my character Mei standing on the shore of some forest lake, wearing a pretty white bikini, and looking pretty happy about it too. Some people might argue that bikinis didn't exist in the middle...

yohko08.jpg [110k] Original size: A4 I4th January 04

Yohko (from the anime "Devil Hunter Yohko"), looking very happy, and slightly embarrassed. As I pictured it, it's a scene where she's at some kind of ceremony, receiving praise or an award for her hard...

mei23.jpg [113k] Original size: A4 I4th January 04

Yes I know it's a bit late, but here's my character Mei at last, wishing you a merry christmas, wearing nothing more than a pair of socks ^^ When I showed this to a few of my classmates they thought it was...

mei22.jpg [35k] Original size: A4 I31th December 03

A facial sketch of my character Mei. Not much else to say ^^ This is a re-scan - the first version didn't turn out very well due to software problems...

ecchi20.jpg [117k] Original size: A4

Mature content
I28th September 03

mei21.jpg [58k] Original size: A4 I21st August 03

Mei sitting and looking slightly tired and very pretty, wearing an equally pretty white dress. So much detail goes lost when a drawing is inked and coloured, I decided to keep this drawing as it is, with the...

mei20.jpg [124k] Original size: A4 *Nudity* I29nd July 03

Mei standing in front of a large mirror - perhaps in a castle room - trying on a pretty dress, with gloves and stockings. A fun and exciting moment, I bet, considering her usually small wardrobe. Apparently...

sketch02.jpg [75k] Original size: A4 I2nd July 03

A sketch of my character Mei, apparently in a really good mood, doing the "v"-sign ^^ I thought I was having a really bad art day, but then I drew this. I'm pretty satisfied with this pic, and since I like the look...

ecchi19.jpg [102k] Original size: A4

Mature content
I8th May 03

saga03.jpg [125k] Original size: A4 I16th January 03

Saga trying out a cute little santa outfit Mei has given her. Well, since Mei received a christmas present from Saga in the last picture, it was only natural that Mei gave her something in return, and what she...

mei19.jpg [99k] Original size: A4 I26th December 02

It seems Mei has recieved a gift from Saga... ^^ Next time I'll draw what Mei gave Saga in return ^__^...

ecchi18.jpg [95k] Original size: A4

Mature content
I19th December 02

misc08.jpg [99k] Original size: A4 I16th December 02

A really fit young man sitting comfortably on a sofa, an open book in his lap, resting his eyes a bit. Perhaps daydreaming a little ^^ I know there are lots of mistakes in this drawing - his waist is far too slim...

saga02.jpg [127k] Original size: A4

Saga, gathering some herbs in the dense forest, suddenly chatches the sound of someone - or something - approaching her from behind. She looks up, reaches for her staff and slowly turns around...

mei18.jpg [124k] Original size: A4

Saga - resting on a low stone wall - suddenly feels very sad, and decides that she wants to hug someone, and thus grabs a very surprised-looking Mei...

sketch01.jpg [84k] Original size: A4

Mei with a leaf on her head (it's autumn after all).

ecchi16.jpg [96k] Original size: A4 Art trade

Mature content

mei17.jpg [121k] Original size: A4

Mei and Saga walking down a forest road when Mei suddenly catches sight of something, letting out a little cry of delight, looking very excited. Saga doesn't look particularily impressed though...

ecchi15.jpg [90k] Original size: A4

Mature content

Pages with newer artwork <--   4 | 3 | 2 | 1   ---> Pages with older artwork

All characters and all artwork within these pages are copyright 1998-2004 Andreas Larsson, unless otherwise stated. Please don´t alter them or put them on another website without my permission.
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